Cucumber Cocktail

This can be a mocktail or cocktail. Whatever your preference is. Now, this drink is the easiest thing you will ever make, im not kidding. I love tajin and I was showed this mix out on my friends boat all day in the sun, this drink is refreshing and hydrating! This is perfect for memorial day. The longer you leave the cucumbers in, the more it will soak up the flavor. Now if you think im weird for calling this an actual drink, try it before you think im crazy (:


serves 1

1 lime

1/2 cucumber


cucumber gatorade

1/2-1 shot Vodka (if you’re making it a cocktail)

You can also add some sparkling flavored lime water to add some carbonation


  1. Cut your lime in half and wipe the rim of your glass with the lime.
  2. Use a small plate to pour some tajin on to dip the rim of your cup.
  3. Squeeze the rest of the lime in your cup with ice and gatorade.
  4. The last step is add your alcohol. Then stir.
  5. Enjoy!

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