4 ingredient Pasta Salad

Pasta is life, okay? Like all of my recipes this recipe is super simple. You will need to prep some of my pesto (go back a few posts) or if you are lazy, just buy some! Trader Joes has a really awesome vegan pesto. I actually saw HEB has a vegan pesto but I have never tried it. Read below for the instructions!

This Vegan feta is pretty close to the real deal and adds a little bite to the salad! I got this at my local co-op but I added a link where you could find it. I also added where you can get this amazing chickpea pasta.


1 box of chick pea pasta

3-4 tablespoons of pesto (you can add more or less)

1 pint of cherry tomatoes

1/2-1 block of vegan feta


  1. Cook the chickpea pasta according to the box
  2. Drain the pasta and let chill
  3. Add the pesto, feta, and tomatoes
  4. and you are done! This can sit in the fridge for about 3 days.

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